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Context: In the fall of 2011, I was just beginning my sophomore year at UNC-Chapel Hill. I knew I wanted to focus on Information Science, and one of the courses I enrolled in that semester was a course titled "User Experience Design." It was a special elective. Our instructor gave us an overarching semester project: We would work in teams in order to deliver a set of user experience-focused deliverables for an imaginary or real interface that needed user-centered design asssistance. The team I belonged to decided to tackle a problem we saw routinely: People didn't know what our degree, information science, meant. We envisioned a website that would allow people to get more information on...well, information science.

Skills and Tools Used:

Challenges: We did not realize how big this project would be when we first started it. This was also the first user experience-based project any of us had worked on - the granularity of our professor's responses and commentary on our work (and what he expected from us) was surprising. We spent many Sunday afternoons meeting to hash out what had to be done to submit our assignment for that week.

Process: We met weekly - sometimes through Skype, sometimes in-person, in order to collaborate. Sometimes we had solo tasks - for instance, we each had a set of wireframes to create, and a persona to write.


  • My user persona, the prospective undergraduate student
  • Here are the wireframes I contributed as an individual for our final project:
  • A PDF version of the wireframes I contributed is also available here.
  • Here is the full PDF document of our final project.

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