Maya Omeka Logo

Context: In 2013, I held a position as an Omeka theme developer for the Carolina Digital Library and Archives. The Maya Baktun website was an internal website requested by a client within the University library system. Omeka is a web platform, sort of similar to WordPress, that is primarily used by libraries and museums in order to display their collections in an online format.

Skills and Tools Used: subversionhtml iconphp iconcss icon Adobe Illustrator Icon

Challenges: In particular, this Omeka site proved tricky because the graphics it contains were produced by a designer who used fonts that were not freely available and replicating this in the CSS was not possible. I managed to research and use other fonts in lieu of this, in addition to using the graphics she had already provided us.

Process: I met with client both in-person and communicated with them via email in order to define requirements for the website. Throughout the process, I used subversion repositories to maintain track of my HTML, CSS and PHP code on a remote Unix server.

Contributions: Although the website is not public-facing, here are screenshots of what it looks like:

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